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To access online textbook:

  1. go to
  2. then enter
  3. USERNAME pes008s
  4. PASSWORD pes008s
  5. Click on link"Physical, Earth and Space Science"
  6. Choose "Physical, Earth, and Space Science Student Edition"

Daily power point slides HERE!!

For the following power point, select "download." Next choose "open" to look at specific slides. You could also save a copy to your computer but you may also simply view it. Please do not print an entire power point as it may contain hundreds of slides.

Climate change videos

•Watch all videos here:

•Watch all videos here from EPA

Unit 6

Star lifecycle online tutorial:
star lifecycle

Timeline here:
PBS Timeline of the UNIVERSE
1.Big Bang
2.Universe Shaped
3.Basic Elements
4.Radiation Era
5.Matter Domination Era
6.Stars and Galaxies Form
7.Birth of the Sun
Future? Last 6 pics in link

Next read about your topic here:

1.Big Bang Theory-> theory

2.Big Bang Theory-> concepts

3.Big Bang Tests -> Elements

4.Big Bang Tests -> Cosmic Microwaves

5.Big Bang Tests-> Expansion

6.Beyond Big Bang -> Structures

7.Related Topics -> First Objects

8.Most recent evidence

Unit 5 - Electricity, Magnetism and Waves

HW Quiz p. 637 You can use your HW during the quiz!

Electricity and Magnetism Quiz Thursday 4/28/16
Study guide:

Phet Activity

Unit 4B Properties of Matter

Watch “Making Stuff Stronger” April 11

Handout for "Making Stuff Stronger"

"Making stuff Colder"

Sludge Matrix

UNIT 4 - Chemical Reactions and Properties of Matter

SIMULATIONS for rates of chemical reactions:

UNIT 3 - Matter

Periodic Table Trends Assignment

Paper Atom Models

Atomic Structure worksheet

Nova - Hunting the Elements
watch here


UNIT 2 - Physics of Force, Motion and Energy

Unit 2 test THURSDAY and Friday Dec 10/11

Study guide and practice for Unit 2 test:

Watch Einstein's Big Idea here:

Einstein Worksheet


QUIZ THURSDAY 11/5/15 Study using Jeopardy

Speed Lab - points sheet due Tuesday 10/27

Investigation 2B

Speed WS - due Monday 10/26

UNIT 1 - Science Practices: Inquiry and Engineering
also due: comp books and study guide

study guide

•Conclusion Rubric

Engineering Rubric and Garden Scenario

HOMEWORK: Read pages 5-10 and 17-22 and 34-38. Answer Q 1,2,5, 9 on page 11. Answer Q 1,2,3 on page 23. Answer Q 2,3,4,5 on page 39. Due Thursday 9/24/15.
10 Conversion Problems also due Thursday

Safety Cartoon - due Thursday 9/17

Safety Contract and Syllabus - signed due Friday Sept 18

First 3 Days:
Today we discussed introverts/extroverts/ambiverts, quotes on being successful, and nuts and bolts of CHS.

What will you do to apply these ideas and be successful this school year?
Answer as 5 min FREE-WRITE (or list). Include 3 concrete ideas in your answer.