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For grades, please access Skyward: http://capital.osd.wednet.edu/information/family_access

To access online textbook:

go to
then enter
USERNAME pes008s
PASSWORD pes008s
Expand the folders and then click on link"Physical, Earth and Space Science"
Choose "Physical, Earth, and Space Science Student Edition"

For the following power point, select "download." Next choose "open" to look at or print specific slides. You could also save a copy to your computer but you may also simply view it. Please do not print an entire power point as it may contain hundreds of slides.

TEXTBOOKS need to be returned by Monday June 9th.
I will only accept late work through Tuesday June 3rd. This includes work for Unit 6 OR if you are currently failing.

•UNIT 6 - Earth and Space Science

•Earth Cycles and Climate Change

H-R Diagram and Star Life Cycle Tutorial

Homework: Read pages 694-698. Answer #1,2,3,5,6 on p. 698. Read pages 699-701. Answer #2,3,7,8,9 on page 703. Due YOUR last day of science this week. (Thursday 5/30 or Friday 5/31)


UNIT 5 - Electricity, Magnetism, Waves

UNIT 5 TEST - Wednesday May 14. All missing work for unit is due.
Study Guide:

HOMEWORK: Read pages 620-626. Answer all ODD question on page 627. Due Monday 5/12/14 with your movie notes.

HW: Read pages 382-388, #1-8 on page 388. Due 4/18/14

Homework: Read pages 388-394, 398 and answer #1-5 on page 400

•Homework: Read pages 418-421, 425, 427 and answer #1-4 on page 429

Read pages 432 and 434 and answer #1-4 on page 435. Due Wednesday 4/23/14
Homework: Read pages 632-637. Answer #1-5, 9-11 on page 637. Read pages 606-619. Answer #1-4, 9 on page 619. Due FRIDAY 5/2/14

PHET Worksheet
UNIT 4 - Matter - UNIT TEST FRIDAY APRIL 4th. All missing work due.

Study Guide Unit 4

Nuclear Reactions Notes

Physical, Chemical or Nuclear? due Monday 3/31/14

Alkaline Earth Metal Lab - conclusions in comp books by 3/24/14

Notes: Chemical Formulas, Carbon and Macromolecules

Rearranging Atoms in Chemical Reactions


HOMEWORK:Read pages 323-325 and answer #1-6 on page 322.AND read pages 334-340 and answer #1-5 page 342. Due 3/14/14.

Bond Worksheet (packet) due 3/12/14. (available by hard copy from Ms Maring)

HOMEWORK: Read pages 308-314 and 315-320. On page 330 answer #2-6. On page 331 answer #15,16,17 and 2.

•Periodic Table assignment due Thursday 3/6/14

JEOPARDY to study for Quiz 2/25/14

Atom, Isotope and Ion DrawingsHOMEWORK: Read pages 288-314. On page 296 answer #1-7. On page 306 answer #3,5,6 (left side of page). On page 314 answer #1-8. Due Friday 2/21/14

•Atomic Structure WS DUE Friday 2/14/14 (at this point only available by hardcopy in class)

Notes from movie "Einstein's Big Idea"Homework: read pages 278-290. Answer questions #1-7 on page 284 AND #1-6 on page 290. PLUS VOCAB! Due Friday 2/7/14.

End of Semester is January 31st. ANY missing work due by next Friday, January 24th!!

UNIT 3 - Properties of Matter

POWER POINT - Daily Agenda and Entry/Exit Tasks



Reference Chart for Sludge Substance Identification

Template for Sludge Conclusion

•Conclusions for Separation of Solids Lab due 1/9/14.Conclusion for Fractional Distillation Lab due in composition notebook 1/13/14.Homework: Read pages 536-544. Answer questions 1-7 on page 545. Due Thursday 1/9/13.HOMEWORK: Read pages 216-220 and 222-225. Answer # 1,2,3,6 on page 221 AND #1-8 on page 226. DUE FRIDAY 12/20/13.
Homework: Read pages 200-210. Answer questions #1-10 on p. 211. Due Thursday 12/12/13SOLUTIONS NOTES:REFLECTIONS on Unit 2 Test - Math and/or Multiple Choice due ASAP. You may use your MC test in my classroom and complete math portion reflections at home.

Homework due Thursday, Dec. 5th, 2013

UNIT 2 - Motion, Force, Energy

POWER POINT - Daily Agenda and Entry/Exit Tasks

UNIT 2 TEST: Tuesday Nov 26 and Wednesday Nov 27

Study Guide for multiple choice portion of test: Due as a graded assignment on Tuesday 11/26/13

Math Solution Boxes:

Study Guide for math portion of test: Due as a graded assignment on Wednesday 11/27/13

HOMEWORK - read pages 155-166; answer questions 1-5 on page 166; DUE THURSDAY 11/21/13

Weight Practice WS - due 11/15/13

NOTES - Gravity and Weight/Work and Power - due 11/18/13

Human Horsepower Lab - due 11/18/13

Law of Universal Gravitation Problems - due Nov 6

Egg Drop - design due Monday 11/4/13 and Container due Tuesday 11/5/13. Analysis due Tuesday, Nov 12.

HOMEWORK – Due Monday 11/4/13
On page 135, answer # 3,4,6,7
On page 143, answer # 6a, c
Newton's Laws Cartoons due 11/1/13

HOMEWORK - Two parts Due Friday 10/25/13 :
Read pages 97-104. Answer questions 1,2,4,6,7,8 on page 106.
Read pages 107, 109, and 112 and 114-119. Answer questions 1,2,3,4,5,8 on page 119
Acceleration Lab - due 10/21/13

Includes Acceleration Lab Analysis Questions as homework due 10/21/13

Jeopardy to study for Speed, Velocity, Acceleration Quiz

HOMEWORK - read pages 86-93. Answer questions 1-11 on page 93. DUE THURSDAY 10/17/13

Speed Practice Problems due date extended to Monday 10/14/13
handed out in class - to be uploaded soon.

Designing an Investigation - Speed Lab due date extended to Monday 10/14/13

HOMEWORK - read pages 76-80; answer questions 1-10 on page 80. DUE MONDAY 10/7/13
C-notes vocab and key ideas pages 76-85. DUE MONDAY 10/7/13


UNIT 1 - Science and Measurement

POWER POINT - Daily Agenda and Entry/Exit Tasks

Syllabus - parent or guardian signature required by Monday, Sept 9th

Multiple Intelligences Survey - due 9/5/13

website at

Safety Cartoon
or here:

You should still have a hard copy of CHS Safety Contract Rules #1-53. Don't forget to get your safety contract signed for Monday! Parent signature due by 9/12/13.

Conversion Challenge - due 9/16/13

Dimensional Analysis - due 9/16/13

JEOPARDY - Safety, Metric, Conversions, Measuring

Measuring Focus Q - word doc - due 9/20/13

C-notes pages 34-38, 40-41 due 9/23/13

Graphing worksheet due 9/30/13

Rubric for Mini-Poster: Height of Ramp vs Time Between Photogates

REFLECTIONS - ALL students will reflect on their results of the first quiz. Use the following sheet as a reference. Reflections for Quiz 1 due 10/1/13

Unit 1 Study Guide - TEST ON WEDNESDAY 10/2/13!